Motivational Monday: Organizing time!

Happy Monday!  Spring break is over, at least for me, and it’s getting into the time of year where tests are starting, and people start getting overwhelmed.  So, it’s time to get organized!

I actually stress out wayyyyy too much sometimes, and most of the time it’s because there’s so many assignments due, and I’m all confused.  I have been getting a bit better with planning out and organizing, but I really need to get an agenda!  I started by just putting everything on my iPad’s calendar, and I still do sometimes, but I really don’t like the program that you have to use for putting in times and dates, and I’d much rather just write it all out.  I am the type of person that would actually use a planner too!  I’ll have to get one soon!  So yeah, that’s a tip, get a calendar or planner!

The next two things are both super easy DIY projects that anyone can do.  I’m going to try this when I actually have some free time!  They’re kind of both the some thing, but a little different.


pics from here and here.

So the first pic has the idea of putting days of the week on seven clothespins, and attaching little notes to your mirror, or a piece of string hung on your wall.  You could also buy a bulletin board and clip the things onto the paper.  You actually could also just make sticky notes with the days of the week on them and stick them onto little notes around your house.  The next picture is basically just the same thing, but you can attach magnets onto the back of each clothespin and attach pieces of paper onto your fridge.

Another idea is kind of the same thing as the idea above, it’s just to sticky note like a mad man!  I’m sure when I go to high school, this will be my favourite thing ever!  Sticky notes in my agenda, sticky notes on my mirror and dresser, in my notebooks, everywhere!  Haha, who doesn’t love sticky notes!?

Just a little tip, too, is to make a time every week to update your planner and things so that you can get rid of all of the things you don’t need, and put some new things in.

That’s it for today!  Talk to you soon!

PS, this is my 99th post!  (:

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