Liv’s Life: 3 New Polishes && A Futuristic City

Hello!  So yesterday I got three new nail polishes, and I thought I’d share!  I got Essie Tarte Deco, China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy, and China Glaze For Audrey.  All three are summer themed, matching my mood.  It’s going to be 26 degrees this Wednesday!!  I’m so excited!

20120317-183254.jpg Here is Tarte Deco

20120317-183340.jpg Here’s Flip Flop Fantasy (it’s much brighter in person!)

20120317-183408.jpg And here’s For Audrey, which is a gorgeous tiffany blue colour!

I’m so excited to wear them!  I have on Essie Tarte Deco right now, and I love it!


Anyways, onto the next thing I wanted to talk about, which is my TGIF writing piece for the week, which is about a futuristic city!  To me, the town would be full of buildings.  People in funky clothing would be flying everywhere, on their ‘drive itself’ flying vehicles. There would be colour everywhere, and crowds wherever you went.  I think of it being like the capitol in the Hunger Games, honestly.  In the trailer for the movies they show the city, and it fits my imagination perfectly.  There would be microscopic devices for entertainment, and you could teleport anywhere.  I actually really enjoy thinking about the future, because I’m thirteen, I love technology!!  Anyways, I better go, because I’d like to have a few more posts to have up in the next few days, so I’ll talk to you then!


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