TGIF: Spring, Spring, Spring, Spring.

HAPPY FRIDAYYYY!  Today I’m going to take things a little differently…instead of writing a bunch of little things, I’m going to suggest some bigger things to do this weekend.  I’m a little confused to be honest on this series, but I like the idea of recommending certain things to do when you have the time.  I’ll still include some favourites and my writing piece of the week, but it’ll be a little different.

So this week is all about spring.  It’s been beautiful here, and everyone has been in the spring mood!  I have posts about my favourite spring polishes, spring cleaning ideas, and some ways to amp up your space for spring!  They are kind of going to be my TGIF for this week, because combined, they are totally spring-ish!  So put on your favourite music, and get to it!

This weekend is going to be crazy cleaning and packing for me!  At my house, we have the April birthdays next weekend, so we are getting prepared!  Ever since I was little, I’ve always not really been too fond of cleaning (who is!) but when we have the birthdays here, I love it!  If you don’t know what our birthdays are, it’s where all of my family gets together to celebrate our birthdays.  We have the April birthdays for all three of my aunts, my cousin and my dad, we have the June birthdays for my mom and a family friend, and we have the September birthdays for my Grandma and I.  Like I said, I’m going to start my packing because I leave for Paris in about three weeks!  I always pack way, way before I need to, but it’s always nice to be organized!  Haha, my mom always thinks I’m crazy because I want to pack like a month and a half before the trip!  Anyways, onto my favourites!  My favourite website of the week is Pinterest.  I did a post on it where I basically just talked about my grad shoes and pinterest itself LOL.  I love pinterest so much!  You can see what I’ve pinned here.  My favourite song of the week is We are Young by Fun.  I think this song is really different, but it’s super catchy!  I’ve also been really loving colour this week!  It’s all over pinterest, and with this weather I have just been really enjoying it.  If you click the link right above about my pinterest, you’ll see.  Everything I post has crazy colours!  Actually, I’m not surprised because neons and colour blocking is super, super in this spring and summer.  I think I’m actually going to be doing a spring beauty trends post sometime today or this weekend, because I really love the trends!  Oh, and my writing is going to be about being on a plane.  I’m just gonna talk about my first experience, and what to do on a plane!

Anyways, I should go because I still have to do stuff!

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