DIY Spring Decor

Hi again!  So, as you know I’ve been really loving pinterest lately, and looking on it a lot, I’ve seen a ton of spring decoration ideas, so I thought I’d post about it.  I have honestly never really like spring because having arthritis, the dampness really sucks.  But lately, it’s been nice and warm where I live, so I’ve been talking about it a lot on here!  So I’m just gonna show you some things that I’ve found and really liked!

So this season, there’s lots of colour!  Any decorations with colour will look great!I love tulips, and the bright colors are awesome for an Easter decoration idea.  This would also be great for outdoor table decorations if you are having a spring barbeque.  You could even vary the colors or flowers.  

1. FLOWERS FLOWERS FLOWERS!  Spring has flowers everywhere!  Pic from here.

2. Flower wreath.  This one is actually a winter wreath, but you can get different coloured felt, and make it colourful!  From here.

3. Ombre drawers!  You can spruce anything up with a bit of paint!  I love the ombre trend, and am really glad that it’s not just hair.  From here.

4. Patterned/coloured pillows.  Picture from here.

5. Coloured candles are great for adding a bit of colour to a space without making any permanent changes like buying new furniture.  From here.

6. Another example of how you can add colour into a neutral room.  This looks amazing!  From here.

7.  And last, another little thing to add to a room for colour is a throw blanket.  Picture found here.

So, that’s about it!!  I hope you enjoyed, and happy friday!  Check out my TGIF here.  Bye!


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