StumbleUpon: Amazing Street Art

Hello!  Just so you know, I’ll be posting my stumbles in sessions, because I usually find like five cool things in the matter of five to ten minutes, so be prepared for a whole bunch at once!  I really like stumbleupon because it’s totally my style.  Instead of staying on one website the whole day like facebook, I like to check out a bunch of different websites and see what’s new in the world.  I like clever little things that don’t get enough attention, so that’s why I like stumbleupon.  You put in your interests, and it quickly finds websites you might like.  When I first heard of it, I was a bit skeptical about it finding websites that I will actually like and use, but it truly works!  I’ve have found so many websites that I do go to everyday because of this one website!  Btw, all of these sites that I include in this series are very easy to look at, and don’t involve much brain to think about!!  As if I haven’t raved about it enough on my blog…anyways.

I found this!  It’s totally up my alley, as I said I really like clever things that are kind of outside of the box, for example, nifty devices that we need in our life, or strange but amazing pictures, stuff like that.  This is really cool too!  It’s a bunch of pictures around the world of street art!  Some of them are a bit rude, but most of them are pretty cool.  I love the Spongebob splat and the pacman paint stripe.

Super cool!  Talk to you in a few!


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