StumbleUpon: 365 Days of Tumblr

Hey!  So I promised I would do these stumbleupon posts, so here they are!  Every time I find something I enjoy on stumbleupon, I’ll make a quick post and link it.  If you don’t know what stumbleupon is, I have two whole posts dedicated to it here and here.

So after about two stumbles, I found this.  It’s basically just this person who made a tumblr for inspirational quotes that he posted everyday, and he called it “365 days of Tumblr”.  Some of the quotes are really great, and some are funny!  They are not cheesy quotes, they’re all true.  Most of them are just about life, and that you only live once.  It’s really fun and easy to read because they are all in picture form, and most of the quotes are pretty short.  I personally now enjoy just searching up quotes!  Ever since December, I’ve been keeping track of different quotes I like on my computer, and sometimes post about them on Motivational Monday.  I’m totally not one of those ‘fruity’ people that believes that you should always be productive, and try to be the best person ever, because that’s impossible.  I don’t think you should live your life off quotes, because it’s just not human like!  Everyone has flaws, but I think it is great to have one or two quotes that you really like, and try to stand by.  Anyways, check out this site!  Great idea!


I’ll keep stumbling and blogging for a little while.  Talk to you in a few!


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