Spring into Summer: Get Organized!

Happy Wednesday!  The sun is shining, and it’s almost spring!  Spring is a great time of the year to start some cleaning, so I thought I’d show you some cool things to help get organized!



I love these pics!  I think I’m going to end up doing all of them…uh oh.  I especially love the last one!  Anyways, here’s the links and some more info.

1. A cubby.  I think this is like the best storage idea ever!  You can find them pretty much anywhere, and the containers that go in them come in tons of different colours and patterns.  This is a great way of concealing important things you need.  Picture from here.

2. Storage from under your bed!  I’ve seen these everywhere too, and they are a really great idea.  I think I might get one for the my summer clothes in the winter, and winter clothes in the summer.  They can be used for pretty much anything though.  Picture from here.

3. Jars.  Use unused space for storage!  Like the under bed storage, this is great because you normally wouldn’t use the space under shelves or under tables, and jars hold just about anything.  Great idea!  I think I have this pinned on my pinterest actually.  Found here.

4. Plastic bag holder!  Ugggh I hate trying to get a single bag out of it’s box, so this is great!  It’s also just a DIY recycled project, so it’s perfect!  Pic here.

5. Cord holder!  I think everyone HATES trying to grab cords from the back of their desks, especially me!  Amazing idea!  I feel like I’m selling all of these ideas..LOL anyways, pic from here.

6. Another cord holder!  I also cannot stand when the cords to my things get all tangled up, so this is a really great idea!  It’s also recycled, and easy to ‘make’, but it’s great!  From here.

7. I’m so obsessed with this one!  Totally making it for my craft room!  They’re just tin cans painted and hung up on the wall!  Genius!  I think they did a really great job in the pic too, it looks really cool how they’re all different sizes and hung in kind of a wavy pattern.  From here.

So that’s about it!  I will probably do an updated one like every couple months, because I love clever little ideas…ooooohhhhh maybe new series!!!  LOL I have so many going on right now…oh well!  Haha.  Also, all of the links have even more ideas in them!  Talk to you soon!


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