Liv’s Life: I’m obsessing over Pinterest && I love these shoes!

Hey guys!  This is just going to be a quick little post addressing two things.  I’m obsessed with Pinterest right now!  If you don’t have an account, make one!  I’ve talked about it in numerous posts, and I’m going crazy over it!  Haha, I have quite a few boards now, and I’m getting so much inspiration!  GO MAKE ONE!  And expect lots of nail posts on my instagram because I’m getting lots of ideas from this site!

The next things is talking about these shoes.  What do you think of them?  They’re by Sam Edelman, and they are so my style!  My dress for grad is an ivory colour, and I think I’m going to get one of these pairs of shoes.  I can’t say the colours I’m going to be wearing with my dress, because it’s a surprise, but I think these shoes will match!  I might get the white and black ones!  I’ve seen his heel version of these, and I’ve always wanted to get them.  I’m sure when I’m a little older I will end up getting them, but for now, these are awesome!

Pic is from here.

So, yeah that’s about it!  I just wanted to say those two things because they are on my mind right now!  Lots and lots of posts tomorrow!  Goodnight!

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