Tech Spotlight: iPads, iPhones, MacBooks: Are They Worth it?

Good morning!  (Well, almost afternoon!)

I thought I’d address a very popular topic today, because I know a ton of people like apple, and contemplate getting one of their devices.  In this new spotlight series, I’m just going to be reviewing the certain product(s), and telling you my opinion on them.

I own all three items in the title, and must say, they are the best non-living things I own!  I would totally recommend all three if you are thinking about purchasing one.  So I’m going to be discussing three major things about apple products.  Exterior design and physical appeal, daily convenience, and simplicity.

So to start off with the outside of these devices.  You can ask anyone about them.  They are so pretty!  Haha, it’s true!  They are so sleek and simple.  They are extremely light weight, and are small to carry, or to have tucked away in a small space.  I feel like on all three products they are amazing because the design does not waste space.  I’m obviously no specialist, but if you look at for example the Macbook Pro, the screen fills up the whole top part, and they keys and trackpad are pretty large, but aren’t bulky.  The iPhone and iPad are obviously all screen too, so there’s no wasted space there.

Onto the daily convenience.  They are so awesome!  I feel like this review is just going to be saying that they’re amazing!  The convenience is awesome for daily use.  The iPad is a sleek small device that has a large screen with amazing quality to be able to search the internet without having to squint your eyes.  I love my computer because I can take it anywhere with me, and it’s so easy and simple to use.  I don’t have to wait five minutes to have it turn on and off whenever I want it to, I can just shut the screen, and it will resume where I was before.  I can use the click and drag method for moving files and pictures around.  And my favourite part, the two finger scroll!  I would buy the computer just for that!  I don’t have to go all the way to the other side of the page and click and drag, I can just touch the trackpad or mouse with two fingers to scroll down or up the page.  It’s all the little things that make a difference.  I love the iPhone because I can use Siri for answers, and find out the weather in the matter of ten seconds.

And last, the simplicity!  I just mentioned this above pretty much, so I won’t talk too much about this topic, but I love the simplicity!  If you like simple things, like not having to worry about viruses, or like to have a button right on the keyboard for music, or having a ‘dashboard’ for everything you need in the matter of a click of a button, you’ll like this!  Apple is so different than any other tech company to me, especially because they get inside the buyer’s head, and plan what they want to include in their device.

Anyways, this was more of a rave then a review!  I hope this helped someone out there!  Apple gets five stars!  I’m gonna go eat now!  Haha I’ll have a few more posts up today.  Happy Tuesday!



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