A Bit of Glitter: My Favourite Fashion && Beauty Sites

Calling all beauty lovers! You’ll love these websites! I LOVE finding new websites as you can probably tell with my stumbleupon posts and stuff, and I thought you might too! I actually have a little bookmarks bar on my computer where I keep links to all of my favourite websites, and all of these are on it!

The first website is called Polyvore. I’ve talked about it before in my posts, and it is probably my favourite of them all. You basically just get to put together a outfit! It has an amazing selection of clothes and designers to choose from, and I get so much inspiration from it. You can browse other people’s ‘sets’ or you can make your own. I really like that it’s pretty straight forward, and that it’s so fun!

One of my other favourite sites is called Beautylish. It offers lots of tips and tricks for skincare and trends, and it’s just a fun way to see what’s going on in the fashion world without feeling overwhelmed with designers and things you’ve never heard of.

Another favourite is actually the Hair and Beauty section on Pinterest! I really like websites that are formatted like this, because if you see something you like, you can always change it to your taste because it’s not saying the instructions and tutorial until you click on the pic.

The last website is called The Beauty Department. It’s a site co-owned by Lauren Conrad, and they just post tips, tricks, and tutorials on anything beauty or fashion. They are super simple and straight forward, and I find that all of their posts are very fun and I feel like I would follow them. There’s been a few websites where I go on, and they have like crazy trends to try, and just not very good tutorials, but The Beauty Department isn’t! Haha, check it out! Oh, and btw, they actually have a pinterest account where they post more pictures! Two in one ;)

Talk to you guys soon!


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