Hunger Games: Songs!

Hey guys!  I’ve been going crazy with this blog lately!  I feel like I’ve been posting so many things, and I have like 16 more posts that I really want to do…I’ve been keeping a list on Wunderlist on my iPad, and they are just adding up!  So I hinted in a previous post that I will be doing a new mini series!  This is going to be called a mini series because it’s not really going to be huge, but I will update it once and a while.  Right now with the movie going on I’ve been really into the Hunger Games, so I’m gonna be doing a whole series on it!

So for the first instalment to this series, I’m going to be talking about a couple of songs that have to do with the Hunger Games, both coincidentally I love!  So the first one is actually a parody.  Before I say what it is, I just posted a few days ago a question and answer post about the Hunger Games, and one of the guys that created it actually did this song.  I watch him and his friends’ videos like a stalker!  Ever since the summer, I’ve been obsessed with especially his, Luke’s and Ingrid’s vlogs.  Anyways, the song is pretty popular if you follow the Hunger Games.  It’s called “I Wanna Go Hunger Games Parody” and the original song it was morphed out of is called “I Wanna Go” by Britney Spears.  It came out in June, and since then, it’s gotten over two million views!  The cast of the Hunger Games has seen it, and almost everyone on YouTube knows about it!  The people that sing in it are Joey, Luke, and Whitney.  Luke is a professional artist, and his music I’ve mentioned in previous posts.  Anyways, because of this song, Joey has became obsessed with The Hunger Games, and actually got a chance to watch it twenty days early!  He also got a chance to meet and interview the cast of the movie!  So cool!

I talked way too long about that!  Haha on to the next song!  The last song is “Safe and Sound” by Taylor Swift.  This song has been featured in I believe a couple of posts of mine, I just really love it.  It was made just for The Hunger Games, but I would listen to it even if I didn’t like The Hunger Games because it’s not totally related to the books or the movie.  Did you know she’s made another song for the movie!?  I didn’t haha!  It’s called “Eyes Open” which you can hear a minute preview here.

So that’s it for the first post of The Hunger Games!  I’ve still got a few posts for this series in mind, including a review of each book!  Talk to you guys soon!


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