Liv’s Life: Facebook Page && My Nails are on Fire!

Hey guys!  So for this post, I’m just going to talk about whatever…but, I know I want to talk about what I got today!  It’s pretty exciting for me, so I thought I’d include it in my post!  For the first topic of business, I’m going to talk about the title!  I haven’t really showed my super girly side yet, I know everyone knows I am girly, but you honestly have no idea.  I must say, I have never really told anyone except my family about how obsessed I am (it sounds like I’m hiding something really bad…LOL) with makeup, and fashion, and nail polish, but I thought I wouldn’t ‘hide’ it from my blog.  I won’t be posting like crazy about makeup and stuff, but once and a while I will be, because this blog is about what I’m interested in, and that’s a huge part of my interests!  Anyways, onto my nails.  I have heard about a Sally Hansen nail polish in the shade “Hidden Treasure” and ever since I saw what it made your nails look like, I’ve wanted it!  I’m not a huge fan of drugstore nail polish like Sally Hansen because I find it just isn’t as good quality as OPI or Essie.  But I found out it was super hard to find, and it was limited edition, story of my life.  Just before Christmas, I heard about the Essie Luxeffects collection, and saw there was a dupe for Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure.  I just about peed my pants!  I asked for it for Christmas as one of the top things I wanted, and my Mom told me she went everywhere!  She even called places, but she couldn’t find it.  I really appreciated her effort, but was a little bummed.  I knew it obviously wasn’t her fault, because since we live in Canada, things don’t usually come out very quickly, and they aren’t always dependable.  Anyways, today I found one in Pharma!!  I was so excited because it was the last one, and I lovvvvveeee Essie.  Yayayayayay!  I just painted my nails over a black, and they look like they are on fire!!  I’ll try to instagram them in the daylight tomorrow, but here’s a pic:

On to the next topic: what I got today!  I am so excited, because I got my grad dress!  Let’s just say it’s pretty much the exact same thing as what I had on my Polyvore.  So if you’ve seen that, you will know!  I still have to get the Rebecca Minkoff bag, and the shoes, and my tiffany necklace, and all that stuff, but I’ve got my dress!  I also went into the mall and got a pair of pumas!  They are just the most popular black with white stripes, and I am really happy with them!  Although they don’t fit my orthotics (oopsie ;) ), I love them!


Talking about all of this stuff sort of makes me want to start a new series!  I kind of want it to be beauty related, because I really enjoy talking about that kind of stuff.  What should it be called?  I will probably come up with a name soon, but expect some of those posts soon!


Another thing I wanted to say, I think I’m going to be making a facebook page and posting my Europe videos on that.  I really like the idea of having a facebook page for my blog, and I don’t really want to upload my videos onto YouTube because one of my videos is going to have copyrighted music, and I know you can’t post that kind of thing on YouTube.  Of course I will state the name of the song and artist and everything, but I don’t think you can even do that on YouTube.  That stinks :(  But I will look into making a facebook page.  How do you do it?  Okay, I’m making one right now, and I’m not sure what category to put myself under… Like author?  That’s the only thing that is fitting me right now…let me check.  Ok, I put one under author, it’s called LivLovesCats Blog.  I’m still working on it, but I will update you guys in the morning!  Talk to you soon.


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