DIY Easter Gifts!

Hey guys!

So I’ve decided to make a new series, and it’s basically just like my Christmas DIY series, but it’s just going to be called “Seasonal Crafts”.  In the title of the Seasonal Craft posts, I’m just going to say DIY ______(insert what holiday) _________(insert craft).  Today’s DIY is going to be Easter gift ideas!  I have really been having limited time to be doing my crafts, so I thought I will start to just link different websites and pictures to give the same info, just without having to do all of the work…LOL.  But, I will only put links to things I’d really like to do anyways!



Eggstravaganza Easter Egg Arrangement from Hanging Basket Florist Rockingham



1.  Make these super easy jelly bean carrots!  Tutorial here.

2. Get a pair of rabbit ears and attach them to a jar of candy!  Found here.

3. Get a basket or vase, fill with ribbon or easter shredded paper (or even tissue paper), get candy eggs and attach sticks from the dollar store onto them, and stick them in!  Great idea for a centrepiece or a gift.  Found here.

4. Buy three different sized boxes, decorate like a rabbit and fill with candy!  I love this one because it’s so versatile, and it’s super cute!  Here’s inspiration.


So that’s it for this post!  I hope you enjoyed!


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