A Bit of Glitter: Essie Shine of Times

For my new series, I’m just going to start off with my nail polish today!  I talked about it yesterday, and said that I would post a better picture today, so I am!

If you are into beauty stuff, I’ll talk more about it too.  So I found this nail polish a long time ago on the internet (if you want to hear the full story, check out my Liv’s Life with the title “My Nails are on Fire”!), and finally found it yesterday!  I painted them, and now I’ll show you a few pictures of my nails and the polish itself.  It’s from the Essie Luxeffects collection that was released in January.  It is so popular because it does a crazy effect on your nails, and makes them look like they are on fire.  When you see it in the bottle, it looks kinda strange, but over a dark or bright polish, it looks crazy!  Here’s a few pics.






I painted it over a black polish, and it looks great!  If you guys want to see more “Nail of the Day” posts, I’ll be putting them on my instagram from now on!  My instagram is livlaughsmile by the way.  I had to use my Mom’s camera for this, because she has a really nice one, but for some reason it just wasn’t focusing the way I wanted it to, and I need a new camera anyways, so I’m hoping after Europe and grad I can save up for one!  Which one should I get!?

If you enjoyed this post, there will be more along the way, if not, I’ll still be posting my regular posts!

Talk to you guys soon!


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