TGIF: It’s March Break and I’m Exhausted!

Hey guys!  Happy Friday!  Happy march break if you have it off, too!  This week has went by so fast for me being sick, so I don’t really have a lot of favourites, but I’m still going to share!  If you haven’t heard of my TGIF posts, I basically just talk about my favourites, and recommend them to you.  I really like my TGIFs and do them because you have time do things on the weekend, and it’s a short way for me to tell you my favourites of the week.  I would like to start making more craft posts, and link them in my TGIF post every Friday, so I can inclue it in my ‘Make’ section.  Sound good?


LISTEN: we are young by fun.  This song is really different, but I really like it!

WRITE: If you lived in a futuristic world, what would there be?  This means what would the buildings look like, what types of transportation would there be, and just what things would you use in your everyday life?  Get creative!  If you’d like to read my response, I’ll be doing it sometime this week!

READ:  The Hunger Games!  I just did The Hunger Games Tag, and my goal for march break is to finish Mockingjay!  I’m going to see the movie on the 23rd, and I know people will be asking me “did you finish the series” and I don’t wanna be the dummy that says no! LOL.  But seriously, if you haven’t already read the series, READ them!!

MAKE: A summer bucket list!  LOL, I know it is sort of early, but I’ve started making mine, and I think it’s really enjoyable to do!  Here’s a link to one of my favourite sites for suggestions.

MAKE: Yes, another thing to make!  A collage!  I’d really recommend making one!  It’s actually on my Summer Bucket List to do again, because I’ve made one before, and really enjoyed it!  If you don’t have many magazines, you can ask your friends and family (or even school) if they have any magazines to use.  Very cool!

DO: Get a stumbleupon!  Oh my gosh I love this site so much!  I have numerous posts on it, and I am going to be making a series about it, once I have some more free time to look around on it!  Here’s a link to my intro post!


So, that’s it for this TGIF!  I’m still trying to figure out another series that I can do weekly as well, but I’ve been so busy!  Being sick really sucks the energy out of you!  Have a great weekend!


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