12 Hunger Games Questions: Answered! Yay!

Hey guys!  I’m BACKKKKK!  So to kick off the start to no more headaches (I have medication that will hopefully help!!) and lots more posts, I’m going to be doing the Hunger Games Tag!  Tags are basically question and answer posts.  I found this one off of someone I’ve been watching on YouTube for a while now, and he  has a huge group of friends that I watch too.  Some of his friends I have mentioned in my posts before, because I love some of their music!  Here’s a link to his channel.  If you haven’t noticed already, I love the Hunger Games, and I’m so excited to see the movie!  It is my goal to finish Mockingjay this march break.  So let’s get into the questions!

1. What was your favourite book in the Hunger Games trilogy?  Well, I still haven’t read the third one…ooops…but I don’t think it will change my answer!  I loved the first book!  It was the perfect start to the series!  I was just too freaked out and confused in the second book…LOL

2. How long would you last in the Hunger Games?  I’ve thought about this so much, but I might’ve considered killing myself before entering the games!  That sounds really sad, but I am 100% sure I wouldn’t of lasted!  Have you heard about the careers!?  Especially Glimmer…she really freaks me out!

3. What was the strangest thing you thought would happen?  *SPOILER!* I thought that Peeta was going to die!  I always thought that he wasn’t a huge character in the books, and I honestly don’t really like him…I think he’s kind of stuck up and awkward..but yeah, I thought he was going to die, and Gale was going to somehow get in the games.

4. How were you introduced to the Hunger Games?  I heard a kid in my class talking about it a ton, to the point where I was going to read it, but it turned out that it actually became a book that we had to read for class!  How awesome!

5. What was your favourite moment that happened in the Hunger Games?  *SPOLIER!* I really enjoyed the part in the first book where Rue and Katniss were climbing in the trees, and everything was coming to get them.  I also really enjoyed the part where they all learned about the clock, and how the games worked, and I think my favourite part was when they got out (in both books).  I loved how both times it really took some skill to figure out how they were to get out.

6. Who was your favourite character?   *SPOILER!* I think I’m just going to say Katniss.  I love how she had a brain, and to be honest, I knew that she was going to live the whole time from having my classmates tell me (GRRRRR), and I just was glad to know that I could really pay attention to her, without having to worry about her dying twenty minutes into it.  I also really like Cinna!  I’m looking forward to see how Lenny Kravitz is going to play his part.

7. What district would you live in?  I would live in probably the capital, only because it’s safest ;)

8. What is the most emotional moment in this book for you? *SPOILER!* It was probably the part where Rue died.  Just the whole process of it, with her loving music, and her being from another district then Katniss, made me like her a lot!

9. What item from home would you take into the arena with you?  I would probably take a notepad and paper!  I feel like there was so much time of Katniss just waiting for something to happen, and I would want to be able to write!

10. What was the most evil plan someone made? *SPOLIER!* I think the most evil plan was made by the game makers!  I just hate how everything was so crazy, and I would of been dead the first hour!  With the monkeys, and the smoke, it was so evil!  Kids fighting until death!?

11. What are you looking forward to most in the film? I am so excited to see how they are making the arena, and how they are making the capitol.  I love the future, and I always loved reading about all of the crazy costumes in the book, and how all of the buildings are so massive, and cool looking.  When I first read about the arena, I had a really hard time picturing it.  When they say ‘arena’ they really mean *MASSIVE SPOILER!!* a giant city-sized, crazy weather/climates, crazy biome filled space that is fenced in with force fields that will kill you.  LOL.  I always thought that there was an audience, and a huge screen in the middle.  But it turns out, it’s like a mini world.

12. Who is your favourite villan in the Hunger Games Trilogy?  I really like Effie Trinket! LOL she isn’t really a villan, but in my opinion, she doesn’t really take the reaping too ‘sad’, and she just seems like she wouldn’t be very nice :)

So, that’s it for the Hunger Games Tag!  I hope you enjoyed reading my answers!  I love the Hunger Games, and would really encourage you to read the books if you already haven’t!  It’s the series that really got me into reading.

I would of had a post up yesterday, but I am working on my Summer Bucket List!  I really want to put some good time and effort into it, because I am really trying to set some fun goals for myself!  I actually probably won’t have it up for a while, because it’s obviously for summer, and I don’t get on summer break until July…but whatever!  I’ll have it up in June!

Get ready for a new TGIF tomorrow!  And a motivational monday on monday!   And a ton more Spring into Summer!  March Break is almost here!  Talk to you guys soon!  Have an awesome night!


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