Liv’s Life: The Best Vacation I’ve Ever Had

Hey guys, so I’m basically just going to get into my weekly story!  This is sort of a touchy subject for me to discuss, so it may be a long post.. :)

So when I was little I would go to a resort with my parents and Aunt and Uncle.  I had the best time of my life there, and I just can’t explain how awesome it was.  It was a little resort called “Shorlea Cottage Resort” at Balsam Lake.  There were a few cottages all lined up on a small lake, with tons of grass and fishing.  It was so quiet and beautiful there.  The last time I went was quite a few years ago, so I don’t remember 100%, but it was truly mind blowing.  I went with the most amazing people, and we had a blast.

There was a little corner store near by, and a little store called “The Trading Post”, which sold lots of stuffed animals!  Being a cat lover, we would go there so much and browse around.  I remember they had a little train that went around the ceiling all the way around.  There was a certain smell to the store that reminded me of a forest, and it was just so cool there.  There was a little bakery inside of it too, and I think we may of went there once or twice.  I have so many things from that store from years and years ago.  It was my favourite store ever.

There was a little beach area that we would swim in all the time, and one year there were a older group of girls from New Brunswick that I would tag along with and we would crawfish hunt.  Of course I never would agree to touch one, but I liked to think that I was helping them.  My Unce would swim all the way from the dock to this little beach and meet me there all of the time.  I could never believe that he could swim that far, being so little.  It was very rocky there, and I remember always having to with water shoes so I wouldn’t stub my toe.

We would always switch cottages for a change, and inside them was always the same.  There was a tiny TV attached to the corner, and a small little kitchen overlooking a little futon couch with dark green sheets.  The bedrooms were always super tiny, but it was always so much fun.  My Aunt and Uncle would stay in the one beside us usually, and in the morning we would go to their cottage for breakfast.  My Aunt and I would always sit at the picnic table while she tried to complete the daily crossword puzzle.

Across from our cottage one year was a little swingset along with a horseshoe pit that we would play on regularly.  One thing I remember fondly was if you were looking at the lake from our cottage, you would see lounge lawn chairs with really boxy hedges.  I think that was where the fire pit was too.  I remember sitting there waiting for my Dad and Uncle to start the fire while putting on loads of bug spray, with my Mom telling me that bug spray isn’t good to pile on.  I had no idea!  Sometimes my other Aunt would come too, and she would stay in the beach house cottage.  I was always terrified of that one when I was little, until she came and I actually got to see in it.  It was very bright in there.  The only thing I really remember about her cottage was the awesome fan she brought!  It was super tall, and it would light up in a little light pattern whenever it was on a certain setting.  I was so fascinated.

The biggest thing about the cottage that I loved was my Uncle Eric.  He was a huge fisherman, and actually had a boat docked there, right beside my other Aunt’s beach cottage.  We would go in his boat all the time and fish.  Almost everyday.  We would also walk to a really big dock near the resort and fish there.  He would always joke around and say that I outfished him.

He brought a huge tube one year, and he would pull it on the back of his boat.  My whole family would take turns getting whipped around in this thing.  I tried it once, hit a huge wave, got water in my mouth, was convinced it was a fish, and never went in it again!  I deeply regret it now.  One year my Aunt, Mom and I got dropped off on this huge sand bank that was really warm, and we walked around while my Dad and Uncle went for a tube ride together.

My Uncle actually passed away a few years ago, and we haven’t been since.  He’s the only one that has passed away that was really close to me, and it’s been hard.  I’m glad that I had the opportunity to do this with him, and I will never forget it.  Dealing with something like this is the worst thing that has ever came into my life.  It sucks.

Sorry if this is a sad, crazy post, but it’s the truth.  I am glad that I got all of my feelings out, and it was probably the best time of my life.  It took quite a while to write, but now I’ll have it forever.  It makes me extremely emotional to talk about, but the good in this post beats the bad.  I would of put some pictures in, which I might still do on another day, but they will be hard to deal with too.

So now I’ve gotta get on the things I’m excited about for my next.  I’ll do that sometime soon.  I hope the best vacation you’ve ever had was amazing too!  Have a relaxing Sunday!  Expect a big Motivational Monday tomorrow!  Bye.


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