Liv’s Life: Hedley, Europe, and Grad!

Hey guys!  Basically I’m just gonna talk about whatever comes to mind in this post, because it’s getting late, and I feel the need to write!

Tomorrow I’m going to a Hedley concert!  I’m really excited because they are one of my favourite bands, and I saw them in 2010, and they sound great live!  I’m not actually really into their new album (I think they are starting to sort of become Simple Plan..), but I love their old music, and I do like a couple of their new songs.  I feel like I’ve been listening to music so much lately!  I don’t know why, because I have never really enjoyed music, but I have now!  Back to Hedley, my favourite songs are Heaven’s Gonna Wait, One Life, Perfect, For the Nights I Can’t Remember, and Old School.  On to the next topic, PARIS!  I am going to Paris, France, and Luneberg, Germany in April!  How fun!  Woohoo :) I’m so excited, and I’ve decided that I am going to be doing a couple of videos on it for my 100th special!  Yay!  I will probably do another Liv’s Life once I get some more information from my Aunt on it, but for now, that’s all I know.  I also am really excited for Grad and Quebec!  I already have pretty much my whole outfit picked out (which you can see on my Polyvore, which I will link down below), and I’m already making a ToBuy list for both Europe and Quebec!  Yay!

I’ll get back into some more posts tomorrow, but for now, I’ll talk to you guys soon!






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