What Dexter Does When I’m Not Home

More stories!  So, if you don’t know who Dexter is, he’s my 103 pound chocolate lab.  He’s pretty massive, and he’s a beast that will eat absolutely everything in sight.  He’s pretty good, except for when he sees another dog, or people come near him.  Being really hyper, he goes nuts on people.  He doesn’t hurt them or anything, but he sure does annoy them!  Now that you know a little background story on him, I’ll tell you what his little ‘routine’ when we aren’t around.

The first thing he does is jumps up on the window cill to make sure we are gone.  The window is placed perfectly to see our driveway, so he can really tell if we are here.  Then, once he’s assured we are gone, he jumps up on the counter and licks every crumb, drink, or plate that was left without sitting far back enough.  Then, he goes around my whole house looking for more plates or drinks that were leftover, and while he’s at it, he will look in the garbage cans too, looking for any kleenex or food that was put in there.  How nice, huh?  Then, once he’s almost done, he’ll go into my room, and snoop around.  Finally, Dexter goes to the front door, barks at whoever is walking by (usually nobody), and then he’ll jump up onto my parent’s bed, and growl out the window.  Tough life.


I hope you enjoyed my little ‘story’ for the day!


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