Motivational Monday–Intro

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I have been trying to come up with lots of different series to make myself a little more organized and have the posts I put up more controlled.  I have about 8 series going on right now, and I’m really happy with them all.  They are my style, and I’m enjoying posting regularly!  Recently, I was going through a bit of a rough patch, and I have started looking up quotes and just different ways to think about things.  I have really loved the output I’ve gotten from it, and I thought I’d share!  I really like the way my TGIF posts are going, so I’m gonna do another weekly series!  It’s called Motivational Monday.  I will be posting some of my favourite quotes, and just some more fun little activities that help me get through the week–since Mondays SUCK!  I’m still looking for tons of more series ideas to try to keep this blog going, so expect a few more in the future!  So, for this first instalment, I’ll be telling you some of my current favourite posts, and things I’ve been trying to go on this week.

*I’m not always sure who the quotes come from, so I’m sorry if I don’t post a credit, I always try!*

“I wake up everyday thinking that something great is going to happen”:I think this one is really great and motivational.  It makes me get through the day knowing that even if something great doesn’t happen, I still try to make the day great.  I’d rather have a day full of me being productive than having a day of doing nothing.

“Action will define you”-Thomas Jefferson: This totally inspires me to try my best.  It’s not about if you fail or succeed, it’s about the way that you handle things, and how you behave.

“Act as if what you do makes a difference.  It does.”-William James: Love this quote.  It’s true!  By learning, you’ll get into a good college or university.  By going to a goof college or university, you’ll make good money.  You’ll have a nice house, car, and be happy financially.  Just by giving compliments to people, or holding the door for them can make their day ten times better.  “Pay it forward”


So, that’s it for this week!  Be yourself.


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