Liv’s Life: Injections&&Exciting Events!–Feb. 26th ’12

This weekend has been a very relaxing one!  I had my injections on Friday morning, and they were pretty annoying!  I got them in four different places, and after my injections, my wrists were killing me!  It felt like I had two broken wrists!  Pretty annoying!  Later that evening, they felt a lot better.  And now, here I am!  It’s been about 58ish hours since Friday morning, and I’m good to do whatever.  If you know about quarterzone injections, then you know that you can’t really use the treated joint for a couple of days, so that’s why I couldn’t post anything.  I have massive bruises on my elbows, ankle and wrists now-which is pretty annoying!  But, enough with that, I have more exciting things to talk about!  Now that those are over, there’s so many great things going on!  I have a Hedley concert on Thursday, March Break on the 12th, PARIS AND GERMANY on the 10th of April, and then Quebec City and Grad in June!  Oh, and SUMMER!  Ahhh!  So exciting!  I am going to be doing a couple of videos of my trip coming up soon.  As I mentioned a while ago, my computer crashed when I tried uploading a Christmas craft video a while ago, so I’m kind of freaked out to try it again!  I will find a way though, I promise!  If I have to, I’ll upload it on YouTube.  Just no more computer crashing please!  I’m going to leave the videos kind of to a surprise, but I’m sure they will be pretty long!  I might even do a ‘loot’ post or video about the stuff that I got, because I’ve been saving for a while!  I’m so excited!  I owe this blog a few posts, so expect a bunch this week!  I still am planning all of the DIYs, but those are for weekends!  I am also going to finish up a Questions Answered post that I’ve been meaning to work on for a while…

Have a great week everyone!


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