Liv’s Life: My Most Memorable Adventure && Injections!–Feb. 23 ’12

So, time for a story!  I am going for my injections tomorrow!  I am getting my wrists, elbow, and ankles done, so I can’t type for a couple of days.  I will write my TGIF post right now, and then just post it tomorrow though.  I usually post things the most on the weekends, so this is sort of unfortunate for the blog!  Enough with the suckish part, in with the story.

I actually once again have two, but I really couldn’t narrow it down!  I’m sure I have a million more of these, but these are just two that really stick out in my mind when I think of this.  So adventure number one–Play with Clay.  So Karl and I (back in October of 2010) went to a pottery painting-type thing.  Basically, you just picked an item off the shelf, and you get to paint it, then they will bake an polish it for you.  I totally recommend it if you have someone to buy for, it’s a really cute gift.  But, I would not recommend going to the one we went to!  Karl and I kept asking for more paint like every three minutes!  The reason why this is so memorable is because of the woman that worked there.  Karly and I still talk about it to this day!  It’s our favourite inside joke!  She talked very girly…The people behind us were painting, and the employee went up to them and asked them if they wanted a magnaaaaaaaattttttttt….LOL, if you know Karly and I, then you know that we would be laughing so hard!  We would ask for more paint- “yaaaaaaaaaa”.  Such an amusing day!

The other ‘adventure’ was our trip to Toronto this past summer.  Of course, Toronto is a place full of people- good ones and well, bums.  I’ve been there quite a few times before, but holy moly, they are nuts!  Karly had only been there a couple of times before, so  we pretty much people watched the whole day!  How fun!  That day consisted of a lot of walking and laughing.

That’s about it!  I’ll post tomorrow!


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