StumbleUpon…the best website EVER!

I have been talking about stumble upon a lot lately, and I really think that everyone should check it out! I am finding so many great sites on here, and I am going to be doing a mini series on it! Whenever I find something that I think is worth showing, I will show it. If you don’t know what stumble upon is, you can read my post on it here. It is basically a site where you make an account, and you put in your interests, and then it recommends websites for you. Once you like or dislike something, it tweaks it’s search based on what you just rated. It’s just a cool thing that you can find cool sites on. The very first thing that it recommended for me was craft gawker, which is one of my all time favourite sites. Go make an account! My interests are mostly weird, futuristic, funny, and interesting.

I already have a few of these in mind, because I find stuff on there every minute. Talk to you guys soon.


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