Spring into Summer: Save your money!

Right now is the perfect time to save up some of that cash for the summer time!  Almost everyone has a vacation, and sees something that they may like to have.  I, personally am saving for Europe, so I thought I would share some of my tips of how to get some extra money, and how to save it.  I always like to save up some money for any special occasion, and summer is one of them.  I always am shopping like a mad man in the summer time, having some extra time to go to the mall, or for little trips to toronto.  I always have a really hard time saving money, but it always really pays off when you see something, and you can actually buy it!  This post is going to be geared towards younger teens, because I honestly have no idea what to recommend adults–I’m not there yet!

Tip #1– Ask your parents if you could do some chores in exchange for money.  This always helps me out the most because we always have a lot of chores to do.  I usually just ask my mom what needs to be done, and then she just pays me closer to the event.  Some chores include vacuuming, washing the dishes, dusting, cleaning the bathroom, and just just little things like pick up and put away.

Tip #2–Ask a parent if you could go to their work for a day, and help them out.  I know on march break and on pd days I will sometimes go to my Mom’s office, and help her and her boss out for the afternoon.  Obviously, I’m not doing big work, but I will update their calendars, photocopy things, and sometimes fold things to put into envelopes.

Tip #3–Babysit or shovel!  I know a lot of people at this age like to babysit kids in their neighbourhood, or even dogs!  You can also rake leaves or shovel snow for a bit of extra money.  This is a nice little thing to do even if it’s just once a week, it’s great to get out of the house.

Tip #4–If you have a problem with spending instead of the saving, do what I do!  At the end of every month, buy yourself something little to reward yourself.  Just a little $10 item can really help push through the process.

Tip #5–Another alternative to the above, is to take a percentage of the money you save every week, and save it.  For example, if I made $40 in a week, I could tell myself that I could spend 10% of it.  That still leaves me with $36 in a week that’s being saved, but then I get to go and get some candy, or save it for the next week(s).

Tip #6–Get organized!  Make a plan on your computer (or on paper), and record your process.  Write down what you can do for some money, and calculate how much on average you will get per week or month.  Then, you can calculate how much you will have saved for your event/summer.

Tip #7–Make a wishlist.  This is kind of a silly thing, but I find it really motivates me to do my chores!  I am pretty much on my computer all day, and I always look up the stuff I want OVER AND OVER.  It has kind of gotten to a point where it’s ridiculous!

Tip #8–Be prepared.  It surprisingly gets tiring!  Get up and do some exercises!  You are obviously on a extremely difficult mission to have have fun.

Tip #9–Get a bank account.  If you already don’t have one, I’d really recommend it.  I right now have all of my money in it, and it really helps stay organized.  You can go online and look up how much money you have easily.


So, that’s about it!  I hope this helps anyone that is having a hard time to save up!  Now go get to it!  That’s what I’m going to be doing today and tomorrow!  Paris, here I come!


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