TGIF: ‘Talking Nerdy’ && Chocolate–#2

Happy Friday!  This whole week I’ve either had a headache, or have been sick, so I have been on my computer quite a bit.  I am going to share some things to do this weekend!

WRITE: About the most memorable adventure you have made.  Expect my story this weekend!!

WATCH: A movie!  Today I have watched Bridesmaids, and A Cinderella Story, and surprisingly really love them!  I am not a huge fan of movies, but I have enjoyed them while being sick.  Last weekend, I watched Couple’s Retreat for like the fifth time too-just because I love summer!

DO: Read!?  I have been reading Mockingjay for a little while now, and it’s a great book!  Pick a good book and curl up with a bunch of blankets!  Relaxxxxx.

LISTEN: ‘Talk Nerdy’ by Luke Conard and Ryan Seiler.  I’ve been recently really been enjoying their music, and I think that this song is just really catchy and upbeat!  Very funny concept.  Also, ‘California’ by Mindy Gledhill is another favourite.  I like her style, and I think this song kind of suits my personality.

MAKE: Something chocolatey!  YUM!  I have recently (like I said) been loving baking, and chocolate is my favourite thing ever…so I’ve been looking up some recipes, and LOVE them!  Expect one possibly coming up this weekend…Also, try making some hot chocolate and put a little bit of cinnamon in it!  I love this, and I love cinnamon, so it’s perfect.

PLAY: Temple Run…OHMIGOSH. *problem*

ADDICTIVE: Polyvore.  If you are girly, you will love this!  You basically get to make outfits and stuff like that online.  You just make a free account, and it’s so fun!  I’ve had my account for quite a while now, and have never really said anything about it.   I’m getting into designer things, and this site has them all!  If you are interested, here’s my account name!



(oh and btw) PARIS IS BOOKED!  I’m so excited!  We are going in the middle of April, and AHHH.  Yup.  Very intelligent.


Have a great weekend!


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