Liv’s Life: Headachetown, USA–Feb.16th 2012

So, I thought I would do another little update for you guys!  I am pretty sure I have said this in a post before, but I get HEADACHES.  Pretty much three times a week.  I have 19 headaches this year.  That’s 19 out of 37 days.  That’s about every other day :(.  I’ve been like this since November of 2010, and I hate it!  I really need to go to the doctor, but I have some arthritis stuff going on right now, so once that is all sorted out, I will go to the doctor.  My headaches are in my sinus, jaw, ear, temple, eye, and head.  I HATE HEADACHES..  I have had a headache everyday all the way from the thirteenth, so four headaches isn’t treating me well right now.  Everyone’s perfume at school affects/causes them, and I can’t stand it!

Anyways, I thought I would let you guys know why I haven’t been posting very frequently lately.  But for now, I have a TON of posts coming up!  I have so many crafts I want to do- it’s crazy!  I have 19 crafts in my bookmarks folder to be exact!  (LOL same number as my amount of headaches…creepy ;) )… Lots of recipes to do!  I’m in kind of a baking faze, and everyone knows I love chocolate, who doesn’t?  Also, if you are looking for a sneak peek, follow my pintrest to see some more crafts I am planning.  That’s an additional at least five onto the 19.  So, expect a ton coming soon!  A TGIF post will be coming up tomorrow as well, so keep your eyes out for that too!  For that reason, I am not going to be putting in some of my favourites, because then I wouldn’t have anything else to put in there!  Actually, now that I think about it, I owe a ‘Best day of my life’ post!  I’ll do that right after this one!  Maybe another Questions Answered post?  I’ve gotta get on the Spring into Summer ones too, huh!?  I actually already have a post typed up for one, but I still actually have to do the craft and take pictures of it.

SO, lots and lots of posts coming up–I promise!  Talk to you guys soon!  Bye.



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