TGIF: Marcell the Shell && Best Day of your Life– #1

A new series!  Every Friday, I will be posting a post about things to do, and current events.  I will also share a few favourite songs, and some things that I am doing.  I thought it would be a good idea to post on Fridays, because it’s the weekend, and these are fun idea posts.  I will also share little random things that might make you smile.

WATCH: So the first thing that I would share is Marcell the Shell.  If you have known me for a while, you know I love to laugh.  I LOVE IT.  I just think that it makes life so much better!!  LOL, anyways, Marcell the Shell is a shell that talks.  Just watch it: 


WRITE: a story about the best day of your life.  So, in this little segment I will be suggesting something to write about, and I will sometime during that week be posting my version.  So expect the best day of my life story coming soon!


DO: Bake cookies!


MAKE: A game!  Get together with some friends, and make a board game!  Make it super creative, and mind twisting!


LISTEN: Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift


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