Liv’s Life: Feb. 10, ’12: Dream Journal

I’ve always been really interested in dreams, and just the way everything works.  I recently decided that I wanted to make a ‘Dream Diary’ to keep track of my dreams.  I’ve never been one to have a diary (although blogging is sort of a diary for me), but I think that this is a really cool idea, and just a good idea in general.  Some people remember their dreams quite often (because you dream everyday), but I personally don’t, so I will probably only write in this journal like twice a week.  I was thinking that maybe like once or twice a month I could share some of my dreams, because I LOVE to hear about other people’s dreams.  It sounds sort of creeper-ish, but I don’t mind!

I always have little things throughout the day that trigger my dreams.  Like for example, yesterday I was on the internet reading about how someone was going to college, and I had a dream that I was in a dorm room last night.  I was waiting for people to come into my room, and volunteer to be my roommate! How weird is that!?  I always get things like that happen to me.  So, I highly recommend to make one of these.  I would of made one a long time ago if I knew they existed!  I just have a pad of paper that I will be writing on.

So definitely try it out!  Whenever you have a dream, record it right away!  I will probably  be writing quite a bit in mine, but I may end up doing some jot note ones too.  I’ll keep you updated!

Goodnight!  Happy dreaming! ;)


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