Liv Makes: Simple Valentine’s Day Card


Today, I am making a Valentine’s Day card! It’s super simple, and really easy to make, but it’s still cute!

You will need:

Two or three shades of pink paper and a white piece

A few pink pencil crayons

a ruler

a pencil

a glue stick


1. Start by taking the white paper, and fold it in half the way you would with a card. Cut a small piece of it off to make the card smaller. Use a ruler!

2. Draw a heart on one of the pink pieces of paper, and cut it out. Trace it on the other piece(s) twice more, and cut them out as well. Now you will have three hearts.

3. Draw little designs on the hearts to make it more detailed. I did mine swirls, hearts, and flowers. Try to change up the shades of pink pencil crayons to add more detail too.

4. Now glue the three hearts on spaced out a little. Make sure the gaps between them are equal, and they are all glued on the same height.

5. You can add some more little drawings as well if you’d like, just make sure it’s still simple.

6. Write a cute note on the inside, and you are good to go!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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