I made a Pinterest!

So, I’ve been hearing a lot about the website ‘Pinterest’, and I heard that it is good for inspiration, which I love looking at inspiring things, so I thought I’d make one!  I’m hoping to get lots of ideas off of for posts, and for just personal use.  I’m still figuring out how to work it this moment, but I know that you can follow people, so I thought I would tell you what my username was.  My username is livlovescats just like my blog name ;)

I have three boards right now, with nothing in them, LOL.  Perfect time to create an account- a lazy Sunday!

Also, I thought I would mention some upcoming posts: DIY Geometric Cards, DIY Bracelet Made Out of….., DIY Recycled Organizing, DIY ________ (it’s a secret!), Review of Mockingjay (when I finish), more Spring into Summer, and just more personal ones through there.

Talk to you guys soon!


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