DIY Body and Face Scrubs!

If you can’t tell, I really like making my own things, and trying out new things, and these scrubs are one of my all time favourite things to make and use.  I have made each of these tons and tons of times before, so I’m sure if you try one of these things out, you will love them!  They are really great easy ways to make your own scrubs, made out of ingredients that you probably already have.  They make great gifts as well, and they cost very little!  Expect another one of these on masks as well.  If you would like to add in ingredients to these recipes, you can, because they are very straight forward.

For the body scrub, there are many different way to make it!  You can use sea salt, sugar, or epsom salt (or even grounded coffee beans!!) to exfoliate, and olive oil or vegetable oil to moisturize.  There are tons of things you can add to this one, like avocado, honey, banana, cocoa, and peanut butter (yes, you read that right!).  So just pour whatever ingredients you would like to use into a bowl, mix, and either use once, or make extra and pour it into a jar for later.  If you do put it in a jar (also for gifts), make sure not to use anything that will expire quickly, and you can also use essential oil for a scent.  You can find essential oil at The Body Shop, Green Earth, and tons of other body or candle stores sell it as well.

And last, for the face scrub!  This one is the one where you kind of have to be careful with the ingredients that you put in it, because you don’t want to break out!  Oil can clog pores, and just cause a mess on your face, so I wouldn’t use oil!!  Be careful!  Personally, I like to just use sea salt mixed with a bit of water.  I mix the two, and then let it sit in a bowl for about two minutes, and then scrub my face.  I really like this one because using salt means you are using a natural cleanser, and it really helps get rid of all that natieness on your face!  I have pretty sensitive skin, so I like to keep the products I use to a bare minimum, so this one is just a great natural scrub.  You can also add (once again) avocado, honey, etc., but just be careful!!  Only scrub your face (like once again) about 3 times a week max.

So, I hope this helped some people!  I use these things like 3 times a week each, especially with it being winter.


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