If I won the lottery, I would….

Gosh, it’s hard to think of what I would do with a lot of money, but I know that I wouldn’t spend it all at once.  I would buy a bigger house (with my family), at first.  I would go to Los Angeles for a few weeks, and buy anything I wanted!  This being, clothes, shoes, jewlery, makeup, nail polish- at every high end place like Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Coach, Sephora, MAC, Juicy Couture, I could go on.  (Oh, and Tiffany’s!!)

I would give some money to my family of course, and go on trips with them.  We would go to Paris, Milan, Tampa, Miami, NYC, EVERYWHERE…..SHOPPING….Anyways, I would also buy furniture for my room (and house), and probably save the rest!  I would definitely shop a lot (if you can’t tell), and just try to treat myself a bit.

What would you do if you won the lottery?!


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