Spring Into Summer!: Olivia has become a bookworm.

So I know it’s not really close to spring or summer, but I am in the Mid-Winter blues :(, and I need a pick me up.

This Summer I know what I will be doing.  Reading.  Like a mad man.  So this post I thought I would share some book recommendations for this summer!  I am definitely not a reader, I used to hate reading, but I have found that (a little embarrassing) I have nothing better to do sometimes.

The first recommendation is the series Pretty Little Liars.  Any girl in their teens or twenties would love this series I think.  I’m currently on the sixth one (at the moment out of 10), and I started last summer.  I finished the first book in 2 days.  Nuff said.

#2–The Hunger Games–I love this series as well, I *sad face* am only on MockingJay (which btw I finished Catching Fire in the summer) (OOPS).  These books are for boys and girls, and they are vey adventurous.  I would really recommend them if you haven’t already read them.

#3–Confessions of a Shopoholic Series– I read the original book around this time last year, and I honestly didn’t love it at the time (I wasn’t really into reading yet), but now looking back on it, I would love to read her other books in the series.  Also looking back on it, I feel like the main character is who I want to be.  She loves fashion, designer things, she has red hair ;), and she wants to write for a fashion magazine.  If you liked the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”, you will love this series!!

#4–The Maze Runner–I’ve heard a lot about this series, and lots of people say it’s like the Hunger Games.  I’m not too sure if I am going to read it, because it sounds kind of boy-ish to me, but I thought I would include it in here for you.

#5–The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane–This is kind of a cute book!  I read it when I was in grade 5, and I think that it is for younger teens, or older kids, but it was the best book I’ve ever read before the Hunger Games and Pretty Little Liars.

#6–The City Of Ember–Once again, now looking back on it, I would love to finish this series!  I actually have only read the first two books, and they remind me of a less intense Hunger Games, but a little more intricate.  I think I might of actually liked this series a little more then the Hunger Games!

So check out these books, I would definitely recommend them, of course!!

Check in soon for another ‘Spring into Summer’ post!


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