Liv Makes: Brown Sugar Chocolate Crackers YUMMMMMM

So just today I made chocolate covered crackers, and I thought I would share it with you.  My Mom has made them ever since I was little, so I really recommed trying them!  They only take a few ingredients, and they taste soooooooo good!  So here’s how you make them:

You will need:

Soda Crackers

1 Bag of Chocolate Chips

About a cup of brown sugar

About 1/4 pound of completely melted butter


9×11 inches pan



Step 1.  Prepare.  (Melt butter, tinfoil the pan, measure, preheat oven to 350 degrees)

Step 2.  Lay out crackers salt side up.




Step 3.  Mix the brown sugar with the melted butter, and pour on top of the crackers.  Spread evenly with spoon.



Step 4.  Put the pan into the oven for about 7-8 minutes.  You don’t want the butter to burn, so be careful!

Step 5.  Take the pan out of the oven, and start pouring enough chocolate chips on the crackers, until you think there is enough to cover them all.  Use the fork to spread it out completely.  The chips should melt automatically.



Step 6.  Put the crackers into the fridge until COMPLETELY frozen.  This may take a while.  Once frozen, break into pieces, and enjoy!!




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