The Hardest I’ve Ever Laughed

So for today’s post, I thought I would share a little story about the hardest I’ve ever laughed.  I love listening to people’s stories on this, and I thought you might too!  This story is sort of a “have to be there” one, but I still think it is funny to tell people.  This totally may not be funny to some people, but with my sense of humour, I love this story.

Once upon a time about a year ago, Karl, Andy, Charitha and I were in class in the computer lab.  Karl had a pen that she had ripped open, so there was only the ‘shell’ leftover.  She had a habit of putting the pen in her mouth, and blowing into the air.  Who knows why…..

Anyways, I’m kind of fuzzy on this part, but I know that for some reason, all four of us were together, discussing the french page that we were working on.  I notice a drip on my page.  Of course, we all comment on it, and we look at Karl.  She still has the pen in her mouth.  So I said “Oh my gosh, eeeeeewwwww is that from your pen”.  We all kind of shook our heads, like “No that could never happen”.  Karly turns the pen over my page.  A huge glob of spit comes out.




Ya that truly is the hardest I’ve ever laughed.  Pretty disgusting, but I will remember it forever.


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