Liv (and Karl) Make: Splattered Crayons

So yesterday Karl and I did an amazing craft, and I thought I would tell you guys about it, and explain how to make it.  It was a time consuming craft, and it was a little messy, but it turned out absolutely amazing, and it looks like a million bucks.  This project will be hung up in my room very soon, and I’m really happy with it.  It cost around 20$ to do, but it makes a great decoration, and a great gift for someone that likes edgy things, or just likes art.  I personally love edgy things, and I love the contrast of the colours.  I did mine rainbow colours to get the full effect, but you can use a certain selection of colours, or whatever you want.  I want to make a big one later, and I am also hoping to make a purple one and a turquoise one for my room.  So if you want to see more pictures and learn how to do it, then keep reading!

*Keep in mind, I used two small canvases for this project, so I am telling you what things you need for the size and quantity I did my craft.  If you want to use a big canvas, or one small, or whatever, you will need to tweak the amount of crayons that you purchase.  I would recommend looking at the pictures of what ours turned out like down below, to get a better understanding of things.*

You will need:

2 64 Packs of Crayons

2 Small canvases

A glue gun and glue sticks


A friend or a parent would be a good help!

A blow dryer with high heat settings

Step 1. Cover your whole work space with newspaper!  The wax is easy to get off with you nail, but you don’t want it everywhere!  It would be best to do this craft in the summer so you can go outside and do it.

Step 2. Pick crayons you would like for your craft.  (Always arrange them right on your canvas so it is measured perfectly.) If you choose to do yours in rainbow order, here are the colours in order: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple.

Step 3. Plug your glue gun in, and start glueing the crayons at the top of the canvas (I’d recommend landscape style), with the part where you would write with them pointing down to the bottom of the canvas.

Step 4.  Once you are completely finished glueing all of the crayons on, plug your hair dryer in.  Here comes the messy part!  I have found the best way to start is by leaning your canvas onto a wall covered in newspaper.   This way you can use two hands on the blow dryer.  You can totally change up the heat settings and speed settings if you want, but make sure you start out with a high heat setting, so that the crayons will melt, and you can get a hang of it.  It’s harder then it looks!   By now you should be seeing that the colours are merging together, and it makes it look very cool.  You can make your colours go as low as you would like, or as high as you would like.   If you would like to create a more textured section, then let the wax dry for a few minutes, and then go back in, and let the second layer of wax melt over it.

Step 4.  Now go clean up!  Set the canvas(es) aside in a SAFE spot, and let them dry.  They shouldn’t take too long to dry, seeing that it is wax.  Just be careful that you don’t hit any of the pieces off.  Now hang up on your wall!

Here's the two we did!


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