Christmas DIY: Handmade soaps!

I think this is my favourite DIY post so far, along with the peppermint bark!  This is a very easy project to do, that costs very little per person.  I explain everything in this post how to!


You will need:

-Glycerin Soap for melting (you can get transparent or opaque)  16.99 at Micheals.  I know this might seem like a lot, but you can make about 10 soaps with this.  They are completely customizable, so that’s a great deal!

-Molds for soap making (around 5$ at Micheals- they usually come with 4 types)

-Colour (you can just use food colouring)  (optional)

-Essential Oil (optional)  (this will give your soap a smell.  You can actually use peppermint extract too!)

-toothpicks for designs (optional)

-saran wrap (for packaging)

-ribbon (for packaging)

-a microwavable bowl

-spoon for mixing

-oats, lavender, things to put in the soap (optional)


1.  Cut the soap up into pieces, and fit as well as you can to make it fit in the mold.

2.  Take the soap out of the mold, and melt in the microwave for 30 seconds, or until completely melted (NO LUMPS)

3. Once melted, stir and add colour, scents, and oats or lavender.  (optional)

4.  Pour the melted soap into the mold.  It will dry really fast, so work quickly.

5.  Make a surface design if you’d like.  (I made a green Christmas tree by dipping the toothpick in green colour, and making a tree!)

6.  Put the molds with soap into the fridge for about a half hour.  They should be completely dry now.

7.  Put the saran wrap over the soaps, twist the ends, and tie ribbon around ends.  Curl the ribbon.

8.  Wrap in wrapping paper, and give out as gifts!  Awesome!



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