Countdown to Christmas: 9 Days!

Hey guys, sorry I have done one of these posts.. it’s been a hectic week…I’m not going to get into it.


Right now, to make up for it, I’m going to be posting two posts!!  Yay!  This post is going to be a personal.


So like I said, it’s been hectic lately.  I’ve been crazy busy!  So much school work…personal issues.. anyways…

It’s such a bummer that it’s not snowing!  Do you guys want it to be a white Christmas?  I sure do!  So an hour ago I watch Grimm.  I am obsessed with that show!  I have never loved a TV show so much!  I’ve found it on the internet before, so check it out!  It’s a new series basically about creatures…LOL- it’s extremely hard to explain, but I think anyone would love it if they watched a couple episodes, and gave it a chance.  This weekend is going to be crazy as well.  I have a lot of stuff to do-put at least I will have more time for posts!  I will at least have three up this weekend I’m sure.  I have to knit, make more earrings, 3 batches of peppermint bark, and shop with Karl!  This Sunday, we are planning on having a mini Christmas party together.  We are going to listen to Christmas music, crazy shop, and bake together.  A very Christmas themed day!  So I’m going to go, but I am doing another post right now, so stay tuned.  Tomorrow I will have a DIY post up, another Countdown to Christmas, and hopefully another gift guide/DIY.  Talk to you guys tomorrow (and right now!), have a great weekend.


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