It’s Offically Here!

It’s here!  It’s here!

What am I talking about??  Two more weeks until the big day!  AHHHHHH

Starting tomorrow I am going to be doing a “countdown to Christmas” series.  I will be posting at least one post everyday, up until the 25th.  These posts will all be Christmas or winter related.  I already have tomorrow’s in mind.  It’s another DIY tutorial, but this one I am actually making.  I just experimented them earlier today, and they turned out great!  I will also be posting another ‘picture of the day’ post in the next few days, featuring my broken Christmas tree!  It’s not actually broken, but it looks strange because the middle part of the lights aren’t working, and we apparently are not going to fix it! :/

Anyways, like I said in my favourites post (I think), I will be doing tons of more posts, and hopefully some videos if my computer doesn’t break and have to get sent away for 5 days AGAIN….GRRR

Another post will include what I am going to be giving to people for Christmas, for some more ideas.  Lots and lots and lots of posts, basically.  I’d really like to get a video up, but I really don’t wanna risk having my computer freeze again.  WORST.  WEEK.  EVER.

Stay tuned for more posts!


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