DIY Christmas: Glittery Christmas Letter Decorations

Yes, another Christmas post!  This craft can actually be used all year round, just don’t make the letters Christmas related.  I really love this craft because it is simple, but very eye catching.  You can give this as a gift, or just use as a decoration around your house.  You can completely personalize this, which is great.  I would recommend putting them on a table, or on a mirror, or anywhere you want!


You will need:

Wooden letters spelling out Christmas, or Noel, or your name, or anything that you want to do. (you can find these at the dollar store)

Paint in the colour(s) that you like (dollar store)

A couple of paint brushes

Powdered glitter (optional)

white clear glue


1. Paint the letters as you like and lay out to dry.  Get creative!  You can make them red and green, or paint pictures or designs, like stripes, or dots.  If you are giving this to someone, try to personalize it to their liking.

2. Once dry, take the white clear glue, and spread it thinly on the parts that you would like the glitter.

3. Lightly tap the glitter on the places you put the glue.  Once finished, tap into the garbage to have the excess glitter come off.  Touch up if necessary.

4.  And you’re done!  Package carefully, and you’re good to go!



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