Current Favourites–Dec. 8 ’11

This one is going to be a favourites video (as you can tell by the title).  I like to do these about once a month to share some things that I have been loving, and I hope some people will try them out.  Here we go!



It’s already creeping up on us!  Our tree has many presents under it, but I won’t be posting pictures yet, because the middle third of our lights aren’t working :/… so, we will fix them soon.  I already am making tons of gifts, and will be doing posts ASAP for more DIY ideas.  I already have one posted, so go check that out–it tastes soooooo good!  All of the lights out everywhere are so awesome!  I love it!



Yes.  You read that.  Cheesies.  You know, the fake cheese puffs that are so bad for you, but so good.  Yep, those ones.


-My collage!

Right now I am currently making a collage of all of my favourite beauty things, which I will be posting when I am done with it.  I highly recommend making one…but I will be doing a whole post about it in a couple of weeks.


-My peppermint bark!  Go read the post!


-My EOS lip balm!

It’s now the time of season where it gets cold, and you skin starts getting dry.  I love my little lip balm, and I have been using it like crazy the past few weeks!


-UGG boots

They are what everyone is wearing this year, and I love them too.  Very comfy, and very cozy.



So, thats it for my current favs, expect one after Christmas too!  I’m sure I will have quite a few things in that one!

Upcoming posts: DIY Soaps, DIY Collage, Cute ways to wrap presents, Gift Guide Around 50$, DIY Snowmen pencils, and maybe a video or two coming up!!  Look out for them!



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