2011 Holiday Gift Guide Part 1: Around 10$

Here’s a little gift guide I put together!  I will be doing a few more of these, ranging in prices, and I still will be doing my Christmas DIY series!  Hope you enjoy, and this will help!

-Anything from LUSH–I would recommend a soap or a bath bomb- espcecially these!:



– A Pretty Little Liars Book!  (Obviously #1 if they haven’t started the series!)  (Also, I will be doing a review on the 4th book once I am finished it!)

-Nail Polish (from Sally Hansen, to OPI and Essie, any girl loves them!)

-Treats!  (Hot chocolate, fudge, cookies, brownies…)

-Pajamas–Especially these!



-Cute Decorations (I think everyone would love these) Here are a few examples:






Stay tuned for more types of this post!  Next up: Gifts around 25$!  Also, I will be editing this post more as it gets closer to Christmas, to add in some ideas.  If you still don’t know what to buy her, check back in!


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