Craft Gawker?

So, there’s this website (that I found on Stumble Upon!) that I check EVERY DAY like a mad man.  It’s called

I think that everyone knows that I am in to crafts.  I love them a lot, and this website is absolutely amazing for inspiration in my interests.  It’s a website that is made for girls and women mostly, and it shows you how to do things, basically.  I have done a couple of the things on there already, and am planning on doing a ton more, especially for the holidays.  I think that every girl that is in to crafts like me should check out this website.  It updates everyday, and you can view people that are members’ favourites.  This is actually where I found that book that I bought in my last post.  I also would recommend this site for anyone that is looking to make something for a girl for the holidays.

Are you gonna try it out??



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