Update and yet another new obsession

So, I have gotten hooked on a brand new tv series lately, and as I’m posting this Karl is watching the second episode, and it sounds like she is really liking it as well!  The TV show is called Grimm.  It is extremely hard to explain, but it’s basically about secretive people in life.  There are people that are “Grimms” and there are people that are other sorts of really weird creatures that look normal, but in a Grimm’s eyes, there are pretty ugly.  In the show, it explains that tons of years back, everyone’s ancestors fought, so now all of these really strange creatures are trying to kill the grimms.  The show is mainly about this guy that is basically like a CSI.  All of his cases are murders related to having these creatures attack real normal people.  Yes, very confusing, but very addicting.

Also, I thought that I would share that I am going to be posting a holiday series, where I will do Christmas gift guides, and crafts.  I have sucsessfully filmed a video yesterday, that is a tutorial on how to make a really cool thing, but I want it to be a surprise.  Once it gets closer to being winter I will post that video if nothing goes wrong (hopefully the size of the video won’t be too big!) *crosses fingers*.

So I did go to the dollar store on sunday, and picked up a few things for the DIY things.  When I got home, I dumped it all out on a table, and now there is a massive mess on the table….here wanna see?

haha yes, this is all one purchase….

So, expect the videos up soon, and more Christmas related recipes….etc.


PS. go watch Grimm!!!


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