In the Christmas Mood!

As you can tell by the title, I am really in the Christmas mood.  Every year around this time, I always get really creative and crafty, because I usually make people gifts.  I will be blogging about some gift ideas when the day comes closer, but for now I will just do a more personal post about it.  This year I am going to be mostly knitting things for people.  I am almost done my scarf, so once I am done that, I am going to get right into making presents.  I also really like beading (look for upcoming posts about that!), and making treats for gifts.  I have been searching on the internet lately, and I have found some really great homemade decorations and gifts for the holidays.  I will hopefully be doing some videos on how to make some of them, once again closer to Christmas.

Now that Halloween is over, I’m sure tons and tons of people and stores are going to get into the holiday spirit, and put up lights, and trees already!  I would love to do that, but hey, I mean it’s November 2nd, I still think it’s a little early!  So, I’ve been making it a goal to have hot chocolate everyday/ night until it starts getting a little warmer.  I hope I can do this, but I am embarking on this journey because I really enjoy hot chocolate, and this is the only time of year I can drink it!!

I think this weekend we might put our Christmas lights out already, because we don’t want to do it in the snow!  Hopefully Dexter won’t eat one of the bulbs again…


Here’s a favourite video of mine from forever ago, now gotta get back to knitting!! haha


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