Fall is totally here.

I’m so glad to say, it’s here!!  Currently, I am sitting comfortably in a lounger chair, by the fire, with hot chocolate.  My cats are with me, and I smell cookies upstairs.  What a perfect fall day!  It’s dreary, and dark, and it’s a long weekend.  Wooohooo!  I’m very excited for an off day tomorrow, and I am planning on raking some leaves.  I don’t think I will do much this weekend, having the past few weeks being so busy.  My plans are knitting, and maybe even finishing my scarf.  I’m sure reading the fourth book to Pretty Little Liars and doing some chores will be squeezed in somewhere as well.  Another priority is to watch a movie, maybe Brides Maids, and bead some earrings and maybe a bracelet.  Haha another thing is probably playing some Mario Kart.  I’m sooooo relaxed now.  This is going to be a very badly structured post, and probably very boring, but I’m too tired to fix it!  I’ll post something when I find something more exciting!




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