Descriptive Story– The fall leaves beneath my feet

The leaves swarm me, making me feel warm, and safe.  Their colours calm me, as they surround the cool sky.  My scarf sways side to side in the wind, and my coat follows.  I watch the tree in the distance.  It seems as if the intense wind is plucking the blurred shapes off one at a time.  As they crackle through the air, I watch them reach a far enough span, to where I cannot watch them anymore.  But, I do notice one that slowly trickles down.  Down.  Down.  It drops to where it has seemed to join something.  A fair sized hazy orange object.  A pumpkin.  The breeze shoots it away.  Torn apart.  It follows a pattern as it blasts away.  Up, down, dragggg on the pavement.  I count it five times, until it reaches something, where it catches my eye.  A small child skips along the yard, with a broken rake.  The leaf is stabbed a whopping nine times, where it gets stuck in the prongs of the death weapon.  Bye, bye leaf.  I try  to focus my attention on something else.  The bare tree behind it.  The engaging cat sprinting across the asphalt road.  My eyes scan towards the left, when something catches my attention.  The wind gusts through my my clutched hands, my brittle hair, and leaves my mouth dry.  My dog scoots across my unattractive, yellow yard.  A decayed tennis ball accompanies him shortly afterwards.  The leaves snap under his mucky paws.  My worn out Dad follows behind him, chanting “Mr. D, D, D”.  An inside joke.  The wind continues to blow, and the leaves continue to race through the air.  My focus goes off the small things, and go towards my pig-dog.  He prances around like a girl, but snorts simultaneously like a glutton.  He chases the ball, and quickly speeds to look for food.  He examines the area, and then continues to pretend to play fetch.  Smart dog.  How I love the fall, and the fall loves me.


One thought on “Descriptive Story– The fall leaves beneath my feet

  1. wow!!! love this, the varied sentences. one of my favourite images – your dog…prancing like a girl but snorting like a glutton!

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