My Bigger Christmas Wishlist!

So, yes.  I have a Christmas wishlist already.  Kind of ridiculous.  But, I thought I would share 3 bigger presents that I’m very excited about!

#1 Ikea Alex 9 Drawer Unit– for some odds and ends in my room.  Very excited about this one because I love being organized!!

#2 iPhone 4S– Yes, like everyone else on the planet, I want the iPhone 4S!  I have the iPhone 3G that I got close to three years ago now, and the contract is ending, so I’m looking for a new phone, and unfortunately for my parents’ wallets, once you use an iPhone, you can’t go back!!

#3 Coach Sutton Signature Swingpack–Pretty self explanatory.  It’s a purse.  It’s designer.  I’m a girl.  I think every girl has or wants a coach bag!!  This is the one that I particularly like!  I’ve been wanting one for about a year now, and it is so painful going ABSOLUTELY ANYWHERE and 10 people will have a Coach bag!


Yep.  That’s my wishlist for this year.  I do still want a few other minor things, but these are the major ones I want!  Woohoo! Very excited for Christmas, like everyone else on the planet!  What’s on your Christmas wishlist (if you have one yet!!)?


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