A new favourite: knitting!

Yes, knitting!  I am obsessed, and determined to finish my scarf by the start of November!  I think it’s a great hobby to get into, especially with the holidays coming around, for presents, and because the weather is getting cooler!  I am planning on knitting this scarf for myself, and then making two presents, and then after Christmas I am going to embark on a long journey to make a blanket!  I think I might squeeze in a sweater that I want to knit sometime when I’m knitting the blanket too.  I think knitting is really great because it’s fun to do, and you make something out of it, which I always love.  Knitting is an A+ in my book!  5 stars!

here's what I have so far, about a week of doing it. I love how you can see Sugar (Ragus) in the background too!


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